The Heart is the Ruler of the Mind

Have you ever felt that you were going insane?  Your thoughts were looping and it wouldn’t stop?

 OMG what about Stress?  Life feels like one huge stress ball and we are living in the middle of the sticky mess. 

 Or maybe you feel that your mind just never turns off?

These experiences are very common.  We live in world in which our minds are constantly going.

 The news, social media, our society beliefs, life.  We live in a bee hive.  We are busy moving and going, with not much time for silence, quite or time away from the hustle.  

 So what can we do?  Is this just what we should expect from living in the modern world?

I deeply believe that we can do something about it and that is essential that we do.  Our well-being and health depend on it.    

 It is possible to reign in our minds and to use tools that help us heal.

 As an acupuncturist I know that Chinese medicine is a very powerful tool that can help you get out of your mind and bring you back to the wisdom of the heart.

 In Chinese medicine the heart is like the cowboy with a lasso.  Our minds are like wild horses running in the pasture.  The cowboy goes out into the field and captures a horse and brings him back to the corral, where he is safe, fed, and rested.

 The heart organ’s role is to rule over the mind.  When the heart is out of balance or deficient then our minds run wild. We can see life from a lens fear, control, scarcity, and lack.

 Using points along the heart meridian, we can bring our energy out of the head and into the heart.

Our heart wisdom is our soul.  This wisdom expands beyond the societal norms, beyond our old stories and our triggers.  

The heart wisdom is associated with, joy, love, compassion, and kindness.

One of my favorite points is Heart 7, Spirit Gate.

This point is the gateway for your heart. This point calms and grounds you when you need to be able to hear the voice of your heart and informs you of your truth at the moment.

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Sylvia Salcedo