Intuitive Absorption

 In Chinese medicine the energetic manifestations of each organ teaches us a critical lesson in life. Yes, these organs exist in the physical realm. They also reside in the spiritual and emotional dimensions of life. Chinese medicine teaches us to pay attention to the energetics of each organ in order to pin point disharmony within a system. Each organ can teach us something different about life. 

Most of us can relate when the gut health topic gets brought up because of how disconnected our society has become to the energetics of the small intestine. Within the scope of Chinese Medicine, the small intestine is in direct balance with the heart. Another disease ridden organ in today’s world. 

 Luckily we all possess a special power that leads us through life. The more we actively listen the easier and more peaceful our lives will be. This magical super power is called your intuition and its home is in the small intestine.

 This is where that “gut feeling” phrase comes from. The small intestine is the worm hole of spiritual guidance. Take a walk through the worm hole to master the art of absorption and be brave enough to let go of anything in the way of your destined path. 

This hollow tube has a big job to do. Right when the half way digested food gets to the beginning of the intestine it must determine what nutrients it needs to absorb in order to keep us thriving.The left-over food descends down to the large intestine. We must release it and let it go in order to continue on our way.

The small intestine teaches us not to waste time determining what we need out of life. In our environment we are constantly surrounded by people, material objects, and habits that are not healthy for us. Tap into your inner guidance and only take what your intuition says you need. Be brave enough to know what you need to survive in your vessel. Be even more courageous to eliminate what is no longer serving you as you charge forward on your destined path. 

Feel it and release it. 

Understand why you must let some good things go. Put your energy towards the initial absorption of physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. The small intestine is constantly taking it in and letting it go. It’s like a fresh breath of air. Take it in. Let it out.  

 Our organs teach us about the necessary cycles of life. The small intestine is very critical about what it wants to absorb and what must be removed. When faced with a challenge tap into the intuitive energetics that this organ masters throughout each day. 

 Determine what is clear from what is turbid. 

Once you have this distinction soak up the essence of your spirit and bodies desire. Then put on your shield and send the rest on its way to elimination. 

 We have all been in a situation whether it’s a job, a relationship, or a conversation, where you’ve felt taken advantage of or sucked dry. It’s these situations where the lesson of the small intestine needs to be front and center. 

Absorb and release. 

Be strong and courageous. 

Learn to live in the present moment in order to tap into that intuitive guidance that is there for you when you need it most. 


Sylvia Salcedo