A place to Rest, Heal & Thrive

The Acupuncture Lounge began as movement, to offer low cost health care treatments to help our community feel better.

We knew that private acupuncture sessions where costly maintaining your well-being needs to be affordable.

We started small and keep growing as the more people found out about us.

We set our selves apart from other community acupuncture clinics in Denver, because we focus on the details of your whole experience.

From the moment you walk in you feel a sense of peace and calm, and we know that in this space of mind real healing occurs.

We have almost all tables making your sessions extremely comfortable and also reaching all areas of the body.

We have some of the best acupuncturist in Denver on our staff, treating a variety of health issues, from pain to digestive issues, infertility, headaches and much more.  

We deeply care

We are dedicated to your well-being and helping you feel your best.