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Welcome we are so glad to have you interested in visiting us!

To make your first session be amazing we want to let you know some things to make it smooth for you!

You can download the forms here and bring them with you.

Disclosure Statement

New Patient Intake Form

You can also fill out the forms at the clinic before your appointment.  If you choose to use this option please arrive about 10-15 minutes before your session to have enough time to fill everything out, while drinking some of our famous and delicious herbal tea.

Please be mindful of other patients and be silent. You would also like others to be silent while you are relaxed on the treatment table.


If you cancel less than 24-hours before your scheduled appointment or if you do not show up for your scheduled appointment you will be charged the full cost of the scheduled appointment.

You must CALL the office at 720.446.0178 to cancel your appointment. There is no way to cancel it online.

We recommend you to wear loose fitting clothes to maximize your comfort and so the acupuncturist is able to get to any areas that you will need work on.

We do ask for you to please keep your voice low in the Acupuncture Lounge, we are busy and many people are getting treated.  Please turn off your cell phone before you arrive as well.

If you have any questions please feel free to let us know.  We look forward to serving you.


During your first visit with us, you will have a consultation to go over your current health concerns. This gives you the opportunity to express any concerns or questions you may have. After this, we will take you up to the treatment area where you can choose a treatment table or chair of your choice. Please remember to bring all of your belonging up with you, you will find a basket near your chair for your stuff. Once you are in the treatment area you will be treated by one your health care practitioner. Typically it will take 10-15 minutes to insert the needles and then you will rest for 25-30 minutes.


It is important to relax and lie still during your rest time. If you move you might feels a discomfort where the needles are. During your session it is a great time to practice mediation or breathing exercises to achieve the most relaxed state to allow the treatments fully work. (Breathing exercise- when you breath in your belly goes up and when you breathe out your belly goes down; when your mind starts to wonder just bring it back to the breath!)


We offer earplugs and eye pillows for extra comfort just let us know if you would like one.

If you are placed face down on a table you will be given a small bell, that is placed in you hand. You can ring it at any time if you have any discomfort or are ready to get up!


It is important to remember that acupuncture is a process, and one which usually takes multiple treatments to help most conditions. This could be anywhere from 1-12 treatments depending on your constitution and the conditions being treated, at an interval of 1-3 visits per week in most cases. In general, acute conditions are quicker to treat than long standing chronic ones. A treatment plan is discussed with you during the initial intake. On subsequent visits, we do a quick check-in to see how you’ve been feeling since the previous treatment, and if anything new has come up which needs to be addressed. We always check your tongue and pulse for changes. This gives us valuable information as to how you are responding to treatments.


  • It is good to have something to eat about an hour before your treatment. We may have some ginger candies in case that somebody feels a sugar-low.

  • Wear comfortable clothes that allow access to areas below the elbows and knees.

  • Silence is golden! Keep in mind that there will be others in the room with you receiving treatments. Please turn your cell phones off when entering the clinic and be respectful of those around you who have come to relax and renew as you have.

  • If possible, set aside time after your treatment to rest.

We are here to make you experience the best it can be, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Call us today if you have any questions that we don’t cover on our website.



the Acupuncture Lounge Team


Give us a call 720.446.0178

We are located in the beautiful and peculiar neighborhood of Capitol Hill, between Clarkson and Washington streets, on the corner of 9th and Washington. There is free parking in the streets around us, but be mindful of the Street Sweeping days between April and November. We also offer free parking in the building’s garage. The entrance to the underground garage is just before the corner of 9th avenue coming on Clarkson. On the left side. Once in the garage, there is an elevator to the first floor. Walk on the hallway to the left and we are the last door straight ahead. If you enter through the main door of the building, walk right down the hallway.

We request our patients to be mindful of other patients and keep your voice low and to turn off your cell phones before entering our “sanctuary” for healing. The environment once you enter is warm and peaceful.

Please check in with the receptionist at the reception, which is located to the left as soon as you enter the clinic. We will be very glad to check you in. And while you wait -in case you have to wait a few minutes- you can start relaxing while tasting a cup of our delicious teas that we offer to our guests. During your first visit you will be requested to fill out our New Patient Intake Form, which you can download here and bring it already filled to your appointment.

Also, we recommend you to keep your shoes on until you reach the treatment tables.

Our physical address is:

750 East 9th Ave, Suite 108, Denver,  CO 80203