Love Healed my Eczema, an acupuncturist explains why.

I believe that our most natural human state is LOVE, in this place we are loving, compassionate, and kind.  These emotions bring peace to our inner mind and activate our body’s natural self-healing mechanism. 

This thought is supported by great leaders of our time as well.  A Return To Love, by Marianne Williamson encapsulates this essence by the following lines: “When we were born, we were programmed perfectly.”

Lonney Jarrets great work:  Nourishing Destiny, illuminates Daoist belief that our “inborn nature is essentially good, and represents the highest level for each human being”. 

Using this theory I healed my eczema.

How do we lose our way from this perfection? Well, we learn competition, a sense of lack, and the need to have more or be better than others.  The way our society operates, leads us away from our center of love. We place focus on how much money we make, what cars we drive, or how skinny we are.   I know for myself that as soon as the honeymoon phase of my marriage fizzled out we transitioned from what can I do for you and I adore you, to what can you do for me and you are so annoying.  Then the arguments settled in on a regular basis.


Our separation from love, begins at a young age.  I remember that when our eldest child entered into first grade she was bullied by some of her classmates.  They told her, she couldn’t play with them, she was not their friend, her lips were big. Unfortunately, the school system is set up to care more about the performance of my child’s math and reading success, then to teach our children to be kind, loving human beings.  Bullying which a separation from love, is found in every grade throughout the entire educational system and it’s dramatically impacting our children and their emotional stability. The suicide rates among our teens has grown in staggering rates and it’s alarming and sad.


In the work force we continue the separation from love and one another, through competition and trying to get ahead. I know for myself I tend to be jealous of what others are doing and I must keep working on staying focused on my work and staying in my own lane. For a long time, I was more worried about how much I needed to make financially, keeping up with the Jones and I was a hot mess, I had eczema, insomnia and infertility.  I finally wake up and become aware of what I was focusing on that was making me sick and how I had totally lost a sense of my self love and the focus on what mattered most in my life.


We can bring the conversation of separation from love, to an even greater level of consciousness when we look at the neighborhoods and borders we have created.  Were only certain people can live, if you have the right beliefs, social economic status and skin color.  

It is our separation from love that is at the root of many diseases that we suffer from today.  From anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress, overeating, binging on sugars, chronic health issues, and our circles of chaotic thoughts and self- doubt.  Disease starts in the mind, as we over analyze everything we do or someone else did or how we stay stuck in the past or worried about the future. As we let our minds run haywire, we loose our innate homeostasis. We get locked up in thinking through the limbic brain, we stay caught in flight of fight mode.  We feel on the edge and this is what finally wears down the body and makes way for imbalances in our hormones, organ systems and feeling unhealthy.


The truth is it doesn’t have to be this way. Love as our core, is not a lost art, but rather the most powerful tool you have to master your life and heal your mind and body.


When I began to accept that I am love and understand that everything else is a separation from this love, I built a frame work for my life and happiness and ultimately healed by eczema, had two beautiful girls naturally and can now sleep deeply. When I feel self-doubt, jealousy, frustration and irritability, I know these are the sign that I have stepped away from my center, my place of love.


When we hold our center to be love, then we can use the times we are displaced to find our way home.  It is about building the muscles of self- observation, to become aware of what you are thinking and feeling. 


Once you tune into all the opportunities you have to master this skill of returning back to your natural state of love, you realize that every day, all day long you are given lessons to bring you back home.


When my husband and I begin to bicker, I get to practice.  Once my kids get home from school and I am tired and they and running around screaming or fighting, I get to practice. When I open up my social media accounts, I get to practice. We are given so many opportunities to practice.


Bringing awareness to your thoughts and how you have separated from love is the key to building your health and well-being. 


When your inner world is at peace, your natural self -healing mechanism is turned on and your body rebalances the hormones that play an effect on how your body functions, from the thyroid, adrenal glands, immune response, estrogen, testosterone, all of these hormones are effected by how you feel and the homeostasis that is occurring in your body.  


That is why Love is the most powerful medicine you have to heal your body. 


Step one is to develop an understanding that love is your home base, love is the essence of who you are.    When you know that you are love, you build a powerful life framework.


It is a simple concept but not an easy one practice. 


In the energy of love, we have compassion and kindness for ourselves and those around us. We have more joy in our lives and peace in our mind.


Fear is the separation from love. Fear is anger, frustration, jealously, worry, and all negative thoughts and feeling to enter our minds. 


When we are in fear we activate the flight and fight mechanism of our body and that creates a series of chemical reactions in our bodies leading to higher levels of stress hormones being released, that can create a malfunction in our organ systems, that lead to symptoms such as eczema, fatigue, stress, insomnia, early menopause, overeating, high-blood pressure, depression and anxiety.


When we return to our home base of love, we activate our homeostasis in our bodies and turn on our natural healing mechanism.


The most important step in your life to truly heal is awareness. Small reminders throughout the day, oh I have stepped away from my center of love.


Anyone can use this powerful medicine, it begins by identifying what love feels like in your body.  What are you doing when you feel happy?  What lights you up?  What do you love to do?  How does it feel to be around those that you deeply love.  Build an understanding of what love feel like for you. Get to know it, observe it, feel it.  Then you can know when you have stepped away and the practice then become to get yourself back to love.


When I lose myself, I use a mantra to help pull me back, “please let me see this differently” and I repeat again and again until I able to return to love. I also use mindset shifts that help me put perspective on what is happening. Reshaping my thoughts process from an old negative pattern to a more healing positive one.

The journey to heal our bodies is a beautiful one, especially is you begin to really tap in to the power of the mind and our connection to love.

Sylvia Salcedo