The Power of Visualization to Heal the Body.


This is one of the most powerful tools we can learn to do. It is important to begin to understand that when our bodies our in balance we feel, full of energy, we have a clear mind and our bodies our capable of homeostasis, which keeps our bodies healthy.

Visualization is the process by which we see ourselves in a certain way before it has happened.

You can visualize yourself full of energy, your body healed, or what ever it is you want to feel.

Lets sit with this concept for a moment: I would like you to grab a piece of paper and a pen and begin to write down on this paper what perfect health means to you in the present tense. For instance: I feel full of energy, I have all the strength and endurance to accomplish my tasks and goals I need to do. I have no pain in my body and my health is full and vibrant.

Now I know you might be telling me that this is exactly opposite of what you feel right now but I want you try to get into that place where you can feel what is it like for even a second.

By doing this exercise you can begin to tell your body that this is the direction it need to go. Telling all your cells in your body that this is where you are headed.

We need to tell our bodies how we want it to feel and give it a path to follow, but make sure when you tell your body you tell it in the present tense, not future. You want to say I feel full or energy, not I am going to feel full of energy. Got it?

This is a great practice on a daily basis, just take a few minutes, in your shower or while you are driving to guide your body on your path to health and wellness.

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Sylvia Salcedo