Healthy through the Holiday

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Wellness Mindset

JAN 2019


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Everything is better when shared

Just like music, meditation,Exercise and yoga can be enjoyed on its own or with others who dance to the same beat. You can feel a real connection with others by tapping into the same silence and source of peace at the same time.

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Creating A Shared Focus and Shared Expectations

In a group or team coaching situation it is even more important to "co-create" shared expectations. With group members bringing different perspectives and vantage points it is important to explore the question "What's expected?" Get granular together around things such as:

What people can expect from the coaching process

What group member expectations are of each other

Identifying common theme areas you will be exploring

Creating shared group agreements

How you will work together

Partnering exercises in groups class can deepen your practice and connect you to yourself and your fellow members.

Feeling together is Growing together.

Group coaching builds teams from groups

With a skillful practitioner of the coaching art, group coaching builds an emotional bond between group members to help form an engaged team.

Amplify Your Experience

any group effect will only be effective if the people who join it feel that they’ve gained something more than they can achieve at home alone. Fortunately, meditators in groups often report that they feel less alone and more connected to others. Their practice feels deeper, tapping into a more profound silence than they experience on their own.